Overall Rating: 99.44%
Average Rating: 9.94/10
I use these funny money to give to
grammar school teachers to "Thanks The Children" for a job well done.
They really like the presidential notes and the famous people notes!

Martin Chan, Marty Card Company
We have had so much fun giving new clients both the zero dollar bill and a million dollar bill upon engaging our services! We inform them that our services are of no value ($0) if they apply what we teach, but worth millions if they do apply the material. Gets the message across and gets a good laugh! Thank you for the creativity!
Glen Jensen, Business Ownership Mentoring of America
Thank you, I use these million dollar bills to give to patients that I treat. Trust me, when you can make an ill person smile, it truly is 'worth a million bucks' to me.
C. Vermes, BatState Medical Center
I have been in business for many years and the Million Dollar Bills are one of the best things I've ever used to promote my company.
Vic Skidmore, Results Realty Group LLC
Just beautiful! Great Service! Thanks a Million!

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