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As you know I ordered your custom million dollar bills with my company info on the back. I found them to really be an ice breaker and they always gets a smile. Plus, no one ever, or rarely, throws away my "business card"!
JD Bingham, Allstate Insurance
I used your million dollar bills as a give away at a trade shows recently. Everyone who took one asked if they could have a few more (for their children, their grandchildren, etc.) It reached a point where people came by our booth and said ‘Oh, you're the ones with the million dollar bills! We've been looking for you!’ The results from that show were the highest of any show we've done and the only thing different was using your million dollar bills. (I just placed an order for 5,000 more for this year's shows)!
Chris Petrova, Petrova Wealth Management, Inc.
I send the million dollar bills to say, ‘Thanks a Million for your business.’ I also send them in all of the birthday cards that I send to my clients. When a child turns 16, I add a note saying, ‘Here is a million to help pay for your car insurance.’
Terry Evans, State Farm Insurance
The million dollar bills get a prospect’s attention and helps to open doors. I use them in my training seminars for insurance agents and regularly provide new ideas on how to use them in the financial services industry. Yours million dollar bills are the best I've found.
Albert Wright, Seminar Speaker
I received one of your million dollar bills in a letter and I found it to be so exciting and so different. Everybody in my office loved it and I called the person who sent it right away who referred me to you and we are now using them in OUR letters.
Peggy Waters, CM Agency

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